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Phụ kiện âm thanh cáp optical kết nối chuyển âm thanh thiết bị ra am ly loa ngoài

Công ty cung cấp bán phụ kiện âm thanh cáp optical kết nối chuyển âm thanh thiết bị ra am ly loa ngoài. Hãy gọi ngay cho chúng tôi để được tư vấn, giao hàng miễn phí tận nơi nhanh nhất sau 30 phút đặt hàng.

Cáp Optical Monster 2.43m

Giá bán: 650.000 VNĐ

Cáp Optical Monster 2.43m giá rẻ

Cáp quang Monster Cable M1000, Cáp Audio Cable 2.43m cao cấp 
- Đầu cáp mạ vàng 24k giúp tiếp xúc tốt hơn
- Đa lớp bảo vệ PVC, để ngăn chặn sự can thiệp của nguồn ánh sáng bên ngoài ở cả hai đầu
- Cáp quang Monster dùng để nối các thiết bị hỗ trợ đầu ra Optical (Tivi, Xbox 360, PS3, HD Media Player…) đến cổng Optical của các thiết bị xử lí âm thanh(Card Sound, Aplifier,…) Monster Cable M1000 cho ra âm thanh 5.1, 7.1 trung thực, sống động.

Cáp quang Optical Monster

Monster® M1000 DFO High Resolution Digital Fiber Optic Cable Details

The most advanced M Series® Digital Fiber Optic Cable for serious movie and music enthusiasts who demand ultimate surround sound performance. Features premium graded index fiber and precision hand-polished terminations for maximum reduction of jitter and the most accurate digital audio reproduction.

Graded index fiber.
Ultra fine polished connector end.
HexMesh jacket.
InsuLightTM cladding.
Patented spring-loaded connector.
The Most Advanced M Series® Digital Fiber Optic Cable for Serious Movie and Music Enthusiasts Who Demand Ultimate Surround Sound Performance 

Ordinary Fiber Optic Cable Can Degrade Your Surround Sound
Even the most advanced home theaters aren’t immune to digital jitter. This time domain error in the digital signal during digital-to-analog conversion by your AV receiver can produce audible imperfections: phase distortion, higher noise floor and loss of audio clarity. Ordinary fiber optic cables can actually increase jitter. Their low-grade fiber limits the amount of signal transferred down the light path, causing data loss and inferior sound. Plus, their unpolished terminations often cause internal light reflections that induce even more jitter.

M Series® Digital Fiber Optic for Optimum Surround Sound
With its advanced construction and superior materials, M1000DFO Digital Fiber Optic raises the bar for high-performance optical cables. An InsuLight™ Jacket protects the optical signal from cable vibrations, while graded-index fiber ensures an ultra-wide bandwidth and maximum bitstream transfer. Plus, Monster hand polishes the fiber ends within a fraction of a lightwave for minimal internal reflections. It’s a costly, labor intensive process, but it dramatically reduces cable-induced jitter for more realistic, detailed digital music and movie surround sound.

Advanced Connector Design for Maximum Signal Transfer
Ordinary fiber optic connectors don’t always ensure perfect alignment between a cable’s fiber termination and an AV receiver’s optical lens. This creates a gap that can lead to lightwave contamination, light dissipation and signal loss. And that means smeared, inferior sound. M1000DFO features a flexible spring-loaded connector for precision optical alignment and optimum, low-loss data transfer. When it comes to your home entertainment system, you don’t cut corners. You use the highest performance components. When it comes to fiber optic cable performance, there’s one leader: M1000DFO Fiber Optic.

Cable M1000 2.43m cao cấp

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